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The Israelite Girl's Guide Season 2 Episode 3 | Where Do You Put Your Faith?

Faith requires us to be uncomfortable at times.

It can be hard. Things can weigh us down. But never sacrifice your needs for your wants. You’ll always come up short in the end. In this episode, I'll share how my decision to put my wants above my needs cost me more than I anticipated.

Where do you put your faith?

It was a typical day. I was working from home and decided I wanted to get out of the house. My lunch break was coming up, so it was the perfect time to pack up my things, order myself some food, and hang out with Zhateyah for the afternoon. But I had a decision to make. How was I going to carry all of my stuff? At any given time, I travel with my work computer, personal computer, two phones, and my tablet. So I had to decide which bag I was going to take that could accommodate all of my devices. I had two options: my Calvin Klein book bag from college which can only fit my personal computer and tablet, or my UNCG computer bag which can fit everything. If you're reading this you may be thinking, "Obviously go with the bag that can fit everything," but here's the thing with that bag. Although it can fit everything I need, over time, it becomes really heavy and starts to weigh my shoulders down. It's not the most comfortable thing to be lugging around. With the book bag, I figured I could fit the things I wanted to take with me and I could just carry my work computer in my arms. So with this plan solidified, I packed up all my things, left the house, picked up lunch, and arrived at Zhateyah's house.

Consequences of choosing your wants over your needs

I arrived at Zhateyah's house with food in hand and book bag secured. I get inside and set up my "work station" since my lunch break was almost over. Then I frantically looked all around for my work computer. I didn't have it. I just knew there was no way I had left it at home, so I go to check the car praying that it was in the backseat. But it wasn't. And at that point I realized I had left it at home. How could I have done this? My lunch break is over and now I have a decision to make. Do I call in sick the rest of the day, or do I drive back home and get the computer? Given the fact that I didn't want to be dishonest, I left my hot food sitting at my workstation and drove 20 minutes back home. How annoying! And guess where I found my computer: sitting on my desk right where I was contemplating which bag to take. By the time I arrived back to Zhateyah's house, my food was cold and lunch break had been over for at least 30 minutes, and I had a meeting I had to get on.

The Lesson Learned at the End

This story may not seem like a big deal to those reading, but in the moment, I saw so clearly where I had erred. I chose my wants over my needs. And because I wasn't willing to be uncomfortable for a short time, I was super inconvenienced and even more uncomfortable in the end had I made a wiser decision. That's how faith works. Putting your faith in The Most High can be hard sometimes and your shoulders may get heavy. But you'll always have what you need for success. When you choose temporary comforts over long-term sustainability, you'll have to face the consequences of your decision. You'll never come up short when you put your faith in The Most High. Don't get caught up in the hype of thinking you can accommodate yourself more than YAH can. Let Him help you carry the load and you'll always have what you need.

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