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The Israelite Girl's Guide Season 2 Episode 1 | Modesty Is A Journey

Allow yourself the space to grow and experience all parts of your testimony. Growth is a journey, not a destination.

Embrace all parts of your journey because The Most High created it that way intentionally. Follow the course and continue to allow The Most High to refine you. Don't stand in the way of progress, and spend time reflecting on how far The Most High has brought you. On this Season 2 opener, I'll spend time doing just that, and I pray you receive edification and encouragement from my story.

My Reflection on the Past Three Years

Thank you to the sistahs that didn’t pre-judge by my outward appearance. The zeal that the mini skirt wearing, platinum bald head shaven, crop top version of myself is unmatched. I came into this truth excited to learn more about my Father. Excited to learn that I was more than what I had been told. Excited to share with the world who I was becoming. And that’s the point of it all. Who you become is a journey. Who you are supposed to be is not just a destination. It’s about the path you take to get there. It’s about the lessons you learn along the way. It’s about passing old tests and being greeted with new ones. It’s about accomplishing what once looked impossible.

So I thank all of my teachers and mentors for not giving up on me. The seeds you planted resulted in the flower you see today. And this flower will continue to blossom season after season because of what you poured into my soul.. excuse me, my soil. You didn’t ignore the potential I had just because my surroundings didn’t look ideal for growth. You gave it some time and nurtured me where I was until I was able to change my environment.

Now I look back on the past 3 years of my life and I can’t even quantify how much growth has taken place. The first year I was on fire for The Most High. You couldn’t tell me anything. And despite what I would say about being a student for life, I thought I knew it all. That was a lesson I had to learn. Having that attitude caused me a lot of discord and strife with my loved ones. I lost many relationships and others took different turns. But I gained much more than I lost.

The second year I accepted my faults and really accepted my position as a novice. Understanding that my strength comes in humility not recognition. And finding peace with allowing The Most High to use me the way He sees fit. Also accepting that the greatest blessings come in the most unexpected ways.

The third year I’m reflecting on how the story began. Remembering to keep the flame alive that I had in the beginning. Each year is a new challenge to overcome, and it’s so encouraging to see that I’m passing tests I used to fail so quickly. I know that The Most High is in control of my life, and I trust Him wholeheartedly. I know that His will is all that matters and that He has a plan for me I couldn’t begin to fathom. Surrendering myself to Him and serving Him with gladness of heart is the key to modesty.

I understand now that it’s not about me, and that it’s all about Him. As long as The Most High comes first in my life, everything else will always be in order.

So to my sistah that’s listening to this, keep going. Live a life that’s worthy of inheriting the Kingdom. Live unashamedly for YAH. And know that the only one who has it right is The Most High.

Have Patience with Our Sisters on Their Journeys to Modesty

Just because someone else’s journey is different from yours doesn’t mean she doesn’t love The Most High. Allow her the space to grow and experience all parts of her testimony.

Be an Example to Follow

Show by your actions and words what modesty is. People should feel inspired and motivated by our presence, not judged and belittled. Seek to become a true reflection of The Most High.

In Closing

It is my prayer that you remain strong wherever you are in your journey. Don't look to the left and the right and compare your journey to someone else's. Instead, seek a community of like-minded sisters who encourage you, hold you accountable, support you, and love you through all parts of your journey.

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