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The Israelite Girl's Guide Season 2 Episode 2 | Trust You or Trust YAH?

Do you want to be the savior of your own life or are you open, willing, and seeking YAH’s salvation?

Many times, we seek to be the one's to save ourselves out of situations we put ourselves in. Instead of seeking salvation and security from YAH, we'll look to all of these other sources for something only He can provide. On this episode, I'll share my story of how I learned to put all of my trust in the Father.

All Hope Was Lost: My First Attempt at Grad School

Once I graduated with my bachelor's degree in 2020, I went straight into a Master's of Business Administration program. I thought that was what I always wanted to do, so I was just following the course. During the summer of 2020, I woke up to my true identity as being a child of The Most High and belonging to YAH's set-apart nation. Although I was excited to have finally found the truth and have the answer to so many unanswered questions, I felt as though all hope was lost. I struggled to fully engage in my coursework because the world was in turmoil around me. Not many people have endured during a global pandemic, and the state of life seemed very hopeless. I didn't know where the salvation was and I was honestly counting down the days until the end of the world. I struggled to find any light around me and I could no longer mentally participate in my own reality. I spent a lot of days questioning everything and as a result, decided to drop out of grad school and seek YAH for more answers.

I Am the Hope for the Nation: My Second Attempt at Grad School

By 2023, I had been actively contributing to the nation and doing various philanthropic projects and programs. I was confident in the role YAH placed me in and was excited to do more. At this time, I decided that I wanted to try my hand at grad school again; this time in the MBA Nonprofit Management program. I figured that if I could get all the education I could get as it pertains to the nonprofit sector, I could bring back intellectual and financial resources that could advance our mission. I wanted to prove to myself that I could do grad school, be a full-time wife, mother, and an active nation-builder. I was seeking validation outside of The Most High. And I wanted to be the reason why the nation was seeing success. Once the second semester came, I was completely disengaged. I was no longer excited for the program, and I no longer wanted to participate. I hated that school was infringing upon the time I had to give to the United Nation of Yisrael and The Almighty's House of Ivriyah. I became overwhelmed. Then YAH revealed to me where my problem lay. I was trying to be the savior of our nation and our people. I was seeking validation and preparation from the beast system so I could save my people from the beast. And I wanted to be the one to receive the glory instead of YAH. I finally acknowledged and understood that I wanted our nation's story to be on my terms and not YAH's. And for this, I repented and decided to leave grad school for the second time.

In YAH I Trust

I overcame hopelessness and pride. Now it was time to finally put all of my trust in YAH and let Him direct me. I wanted to be used as His vessel so badly that I got in my own way! Here is the main point: Let YAH prepare you and equip you with all that is needed for what He wants you to do. When you operate outside of YAH's will, that is a sin. YAH wanted me to see that it didn't matter how many accolades and achievements I received because He is the only One who can save Yisrael. There's no better feeling than knowing you've put all trust in Him and seeing the fruits spring forth. YAH wants to use humble servants, not servants who are only serving their own interests. Once this lesson was learned, I was ready to receive whatever knowledge, preparation, tools, and understanding I needed to fulfill YAH's will.

In Closing

It is my prayer that you surrender all fears and put all trust in our Father. He will never lead us astray and He wants you to put everything in His hands. Be confident in knowing that YAH has the whole situation under control and that there's nothing you can do outside of His will that will yield positive results. Save yourself the trouble and take it from me; YAH is the only One who can save us from our situation, and He uses those who humbly seek Him first.

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