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You see partially through it

And think you’ve got it figured out

You can really only see what I allow

And you think you’ve got the full picture

It’s called frosted glass

Yeah it’s a glass house

And you shouldn’t throw stones

But at the end of the day

You never see a complete image

You’re not allowed to

And there’s a reason for this

If everything was so easily seen from the outside

You’d never be motivated to come inside

You would form your premature conclusions

And never truly investigate for yourself

There’s so much damage in that

On the other side of this

My view will always be partially clear

It’s like I see enough to quench my thirst

But never want to go beyond my front door

Why, when there’s a whole world to experience

Am I afraid of what will greet me on the other side

This feeling is far from new

This whole time I thought I was protecting myself

When I was really obstructing my own view

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