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Give YAH Control

I refuse to question The Most High on His plan for me

How many times will I ask the same question, is this insanity

I want to make sure I am hearing His voice

Because I will be held accountable for my choice

I’d hate to be the one who dropped out twice

But what YAH is calling me to do is bigger than life

A degree won’t prepare me for this Nation work

I need to make sure I consult with YAH first

I asked Him if this was apart of His plan

To show me that the work He has for me is in high demand

I asked Him to remove the clutter from my path

The last thing I want to make is a decision that is rash

But with everything I do I seek The Most High

I will never be able to say that I didn’t at least try

But if something is infringing upon my time with Him

It’s gotta move, get redirected, or even come to an end

I prayed that YAH would take control of my schedule

I’ve been zoned in everyday, I’d say it’s been credible

It’s my intention for YAH to order my steps

Until the work He has for me is complete, I will not rest

I was asked which thing ranked more importance

I really thought about it and addressed this instance

Obviously YAH and the Nation comes before all else

What was I contemplating, looks like I passed my test

I’m so happy that the question was posed

The answer rolled off my tongue so easily, I never even froze

That’s when I realized the decision to make

Stepping out on faith in YAH is a risk I’d love to take

It’s easy to peel back the things of this world

YAH’s words tend to pierce me like a sword

He’ll make the answers so plain for you to see

Like how many more signs do you really need

What is there to fear when you walk in faith

Fearing YAH is what makes you the most brave

I’m excited to continue to let Him be in control

Because it’s His story anyway and I’m just playing my role


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Unknown member
Aug 11, 2023

You’re welcome sis


Unknown member
Mar 30, 2023

All Praises to The Most God of is YisraÉL. Yes sis we always have to consult and take heed to his answers. This is very encouraging, thank you. Shalom sis

Dejyah YisraÈL
Dejyah YisraÈL
Apr 01, 2023
Replying to

Thank you my sister 🙏🏽

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