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Using my gifts for His glory

Because they tend to make sense of His story

Who would’ve thought these hands

Would manifest our land

Making our Nation known

I feel like I’m always in the twilight zone

YAH’s presence never departs

That’s why repentance is the start

He’s bestowed upon us HIs own eternal code

Let the record be known

We are here in the name of the Father

He leads the way and I follow

I feel like I’m in YAH’s scavenger hunt

Picking up clues He’s set in the front

It wasn’t until I realized what I saw

That I was able to apply the Law

And make sense of the anagram I’m living

The end is the beginning

I think we’re in a loop

A year ago I felt it was untrue

It took those months to sort it out in my head

I knew i should’ve chose this narrative instead

How do we break out of the cycle

I can start my search in the pages of the Bible

But only the Holy Scriptures though

I choose not to associate with idols


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