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Poured so much into them Giving all of myself leaving none for the Father Trusting in them and not seeing results Stressed about decisions I have to make Worried about what other people would say But there’s only one in first place I was giving my love out so loosely But receiving nothing in return How dare I call on another in my time of calamity We all know middle men are bad for business Everything was above the Creator for a while And He allowed me to feel myself for some time Because He loves us enough to allow us to choose someone else We say it all of the time If you love someone enough, you’ll let them go Whenever I left He always kept my room ready I thought I was alone and He brought me back home I only sought after Him and my cup is overflowing I can’t contain the reward I’ve been given So I get to share it daily I think this is truly what love is We’ve been doing it wrong Go straight to the source I could never imagine a love like this Which is why everyone should see for themselves I could tell you, but YAH can show you better

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