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I thought I had lost my voice

Not realizing that I had a choice in the matter

Because all that really mattered was if I was

Speaking to The Most High or letting Him speak thru me

I didn’t know what I’d have to say

I hadn’t picked up the pen in over 300 days

Was what I had to say even relevant

I still had my diary to vent but what about my

Art. What about my gift

I had left it alone like my pocket’s lint

And forgot who even gave me the hint

The best thing about writing from the heart is

That it has no end as long as you start

Maybe I was lacking the courage to begin again

Did I hold onto my previous point of view

Which took the focus off of you, my Father

It seemed like everyone else got my words

But I just didn’t know what to say when it came to

You. How could I ever make up for all the

Empty lines and flashes of words running across my mind

This year is almost done and this is my answer

I’m letting YAH direct the path that I’m on

It’s never too late to follow the course

As I”m writing these words with a little remorse

I guess I didn’t have the right words to say that I was

Humbling myself so I can remain on the same page

Realistically it shouldn’t have taken this long

But who am I to question where I belong

No mistakes were ever made

Just lessons learned along the way

And maybe this will speak to someone with a

Similar journey. Yearning for the Father’s

Attention although it never departed

I’m tapped into the mission of putting Him first

Cleansing my mind from the dirt

Renewing my heart from the hurt

And joining YAH on this search of wisdom

He chose the best quality and gave it femininity

It’s in me already but I had to seek Him

I’m grateful He’s restoring what I thought was gone

I guess that’s why it took me so long

I was scared to lose the piece of me that set me

Apart. But why was I looking for a reason to be

Set apart when YAH already made it so from the

Start. I had to recognize my position in His heart

Which is His child. A father who will never set you

To the side. You’re always His priority. I am

YAH’s priority. He set me free. He made me me.

A special creation that’s one of a kind. Easy to

Search for but hard to find. I like being

YAH’s prize. A true JEWel of The Most High.

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Membre inconnu
11 août 2023


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