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“Find your way back to me” I said

I don’t want to lose what we had

Although you didn’t deserve the parts of me that I gave you

And that stuck with me

“Find your way back to me” he said

I lost you and I don’t know where to search to find you again

You made me promise I wouldn’t hurt you anymore

But that’s exactly what I did

“Find your way back to me” I said

But this time I was in conversation with myself

I told myself that all of the chances I had given you

Just decreased the value you saw in me

Which decreased the value I saw in myself

Why do I keep repeating the same actions

And expecting different results

Why do I keep letting him use me

Why haven’t I learned by now that actions are worth more than words

Can’t I tell that me trying to make it work is causing my hurt

“Find your way back to me” was the best suggestion

I lost you and found myself

From this I learned the greatest lesson

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