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The Israelite Girl’s Guide Season 2 Episode 5 | The Power of Repentance

Repentance is having control over your desires and never turning back.

Don't allow your flesh to get you lured back into old habits. When the world starts suggesting sin to you, will you turn back? Will your self-control, obedience, and self-discipline stand against the attacks?

The path to repentance starts with a conscious decision.

If you're anything like me, then you are a music lover! Back when I listened to secular music, I had a playlist for every mood. The pre-game, get lit, get ratchet mood. The ghetto gangsta trap vibe when I needed to let off some steam. The grown n' sexy vibe when it was about that time. The wine-down vibe when I wanted to get lifted. But one thing I noticed about all of these playlists was that none of them glorified The Most High. None of these playlists promoted healthy relationships and marriage. None of them brought me closer to YAH. They actually pulled me farther away from Him. And I started to notice that the lyrics in the music I was listening to were starting to manifest in my life. Around this time I made the conscious decision to have a relationship with YAH. And that's when I knew I needed to change.

Repentance means switching up your algorithm.

Once I decided to truly seek a relationship with The Most High, I decided to clear all secular and destructive music out of my library on Spotify. This was such a positive change for me! Do you think the enemy liked seeing that? Not at all. And if I had ever reverted back to old ways, that would've given the enemy the ammunition it needed to lure me back into old ways. The minute you search and listen to something outside of what's in your library, Spotify will suggest similar songs, playlists, and radios to you. That's when I realized how easy it is to revert back to the things you used to do. I'll repeat the question I asked previously. When the world starts suggesting sin back to you, how will you respond? "A little bit won't hurt" mindset will have you doing the things you used to do. Doing the things you said you'd never do again. Have you being the old person you thought you buried.

True repentance is turning away and never going back.

If you have truly repented, when the enemy gets suggestive with you, you will be able ot easily overcome the test. You won't have to war with your flesh and our spirit about the things you will and won't do. Because you've already made the conscious and intentional decision to never go back. At the end of the day, it's YAH's will or no will. In today's time, we recognize a will to be something that a loved one leaves behind once they pass showing what you inherit. Do you actually want YAH's inheritance or is temporary fulfillment greater than everlasting legacy? Finding the honest answer to this question will determine if repentance is your priority or if your desires have won your heart and mind.

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