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What Are We Really Holding Onto?

On Monday, October 4, Facebook suffered a major outage which affected billions of users globally. Instagram and WhatsApp were also affected by this outage. The majority of users on these platforms are recreational users, but for the influencers and businesses who rely heavily on these platforms, this incident caused a dangerous halt in operations for many.

In this age of social media, a few hours of downtime would've served as a nice break from these LED screens that run every aspect of our life. Twitter became everybody's best friend for the day and conversation circulated around what to do without Instagram and Facebook.

But why does our entire world crumble because of an app outage? One reason may be due to the fact that for well over a year during this pandemic, apps and platforms have served as our primary means of communication. Social interactions have changed drastically since March 2020. And there's no real end in sight.

Personally, I'm over all of the cap on these sites. The censorship on Facebook and Instagram is out of this world. We were brought up to question everything yet when we pose real thought-provoking questions, the fact-checkers are sent after us like the police. Our brothers' and sisters' accounts are being flagged, and we're punished for simply raising much needed awareness on issues that affect us everyday.

The perfect dream would be to have a social media platform where YAH's children can gather and network with each other. One big family reunion on our own platform for us and by us. A place where we don't have to worry about "independent fact-checkers" deleting our content due to "partly false information" in the eyes of a bot.

Where is our safe place? Where can we as YAH's children come to discuss and share relevant topics without being flagged for missing information?

Luckily for us, we do have a safe place that fosters community and communication and all of the users are self-proclaimed children of The Most High YAH. Why would we need anything else?

The Kingdom Over Everything Foundation does just that. All official Kingdom Heirs and Heiresses have unlimited access to each other. Everyone is able to create their own profiles, follow one another, join like-minded groups within the site, and interact with one another. It all begins with engagement. So what are we waiting on?

This is how a nation is built. Until we can gather and engage with one another, we will remain in a state where we have to argue with robots over what's real news and what's fake news.

The only fake news out here is that we need to utilize these beast system platforms to stay connected with each other. It brings me joy that I'm able to log into the foundation site and connect with my brothers and sisters all over this globe. This is how The Most High wanted it. This is how we build our nation.

I challenge everyone to connect with at least one Kingdom Heir or Heiress before the week is over. Watch how The Most High works through our interactions with one another.

In Peace and Love.

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