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What About Our Women?

In 2020 alone, over 500,000 persons were reported missing by the 2020 NCIC Missing Person and Unidentified Person database. Over 180,000 or about 40% those reported missing were minority persons. Amongst that number is over 60,000 missing black women and women of color. Where are our women and why doesn't anyone care where they are?

Given these startling statistics, one may ask what is being done to eradicate this pandemic in our culture. Classifying our brothers and sisters who are missing as delinquents or runaways does not solve the major issue that is at hand in our community. Are white missing persons described in this same manner when their cases are reported?

Studies have shown that black missing persons cases often go unsolved which could be due to the lack of media coverage. Other common excuses are that the black community is hesitant to involve law enforcement in their situations or the families do not have adequate resources. What do resources have to do with the disproportionate rate of coverage our missing women receive?


On September 18, another one of our women, Miya Marcano, went missing after a maintenance man from her apartment complex abducted her due to her lack of interest in his romantic attempts. The latest updates that the public has is that her abductor took his life and she has still yet to be found. Where was the coverage on this story? Personally, I had no idea that this had even occurred until it was brought to my attention by my mother earlier this afternoon.

Additionally, the family of Miya Marcano are calling on the FBI to help find where she could be. I didn't know that families had to ask the FBI to help locate their loved ones; I thought that they stepped in to serve the people who need their help? So this goes back to that earlier excuse that people of color are reluctant to reach out to law enforcement regarding their missing loved ones. Not only did they reach out, but why did they even have to reach out? Did the family of Gabby Petito have to reach out to the FBI for help finding her?

Not to compare stories or try to diminish the tragedies that have taken place with both of this situations, but the Gabby Petito story made national news ever since her vanishing on September 11. A heartbreaking story yes, and it is good that the US was made aware of this tragedy; but why is this same level of concern and urgency not given for our women of color.

In Peace and Love

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