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They Cloned Tyrone | Deep Dive

Are alcohol, drugs, stripper culture, music, and religion keeping the Black community willingly sedated? They Cloned Tyrone may help us decide.

They Cloned Tyrone, a Netflix original film released on July 14, 2023 is a science fiction comedy and mystery that addresses a popular conspiracy alleging that the United States government has been cloning the Black residents in the hood. Throughout the film, we see the protagonist, Fontaine, going through the motions of his life as a neighborhood dope boy, serving his community the poison that keeps their minds, bodies, and spirits jaded. His routine involves waking up, lifting weights with his friends, hitting up the corner store and making his rounds.

As he’s collecting his profits, he has a run-in with one of Isaac’s (another neighborhood dope boy) guys who was posted on his block. He runs the brother over, breaking his leg, and continues on his path. He hits the convenience store for his usual: backwoods, a scratch off, and some liquor, making sure not to leave the old head out. He heads home and once he arrives, he makes his mother and himself sandwiches although his mother stays locked in her bedroom stating that she’s fine because she went to a fish fry at the community center with her friend Josephine. One of his friends pulls up with a pizza box full of money and they get to talking. A neighborhood pimp, Slick Charles, is last on the list to recoup some funds and is very hard to get ahold of. He’s found at a nearby motel posted up with his whores. Fontaine wrecks the room in search of what he’s owed and leaves shortly after. As he’s sitting in his car, Isaac pulls up behind Fontaine, blocking him from exiting the parking lot. The situation intensifies and Fontaine draws his piece. Once he comes out of the car, Isaac and his boy (with the broken leg) light up the parking lot round after round leaving Fontaine stumbling back into the driver’s seat and gasping for air. Bleeding out, the scene fades to black, assuming that Fontaine is now deceased.

The next scene opens up with Fontaine waking up in his bed. It’s clear that he remembers the events of the day and night before and he feels his chest for the gunshot wounds. There’s nothing there, much to his surprise. He assumes it was a dream, and he continues on with his daily routine as stated before. While he’s leaving the corner store, he sees a man in the distance stumbling down the road with a blood-stained shirt. Fontaine blinks a few times and focuses his gaze. As his vision clears, he sees a black SUV swerving down the street, stopping in front of the injured man, and driving off. The man is no longer in sight, so Fontaine continues on with his day. Fontaine visits Slick Charles again who was surprised to see Fontaine still alive. They even get a quote from Yo-Yo, one of Slick Charles' favorite whores who said that she heard the gunshots and even recognized the car. With her help, she directs Fontaine and Slick Charles to the trap house where she remembered seeing the car. Once they arrive, the plot gets very interesting.

Before I continue, let me give this disclaimer, which might be too little, too late at this point :) It was not my intention to give away the first several scenes of the movie, but it was important to do so to accurately set the stage for what’s to come. It is my recommendation for anyone reading to watch the movie themselves to come to their own conclusions. But let’s continue.

Fontaine, Slick Charles, and Yo-Yo arrive at this trap house to find an unfurnished house with a breakroom and hidden elevator behind a closet. They enter the elevator and arrive in a basement. Once in the basement, they come to a lab with tables full of beakers filled with different colored solutions, and a white powdery substance that Slick Charles mistakes for cocaine. They also confront a lab attendant who Slick Charles ends up accidentally shooting due to his jumpiness from the unidentified white substance. But what else is found in the lab shapes the entirety of the film. In a body bag, Fontaine pulls back the top to reveal what appears to be himself.

Pause for the cause. How could Fontaine, himself, be looking at his dead body filled with bullet holes in his chest? Was this the man that Fontaine saw stumbling down the road earlier in the day? How is this even possible? Could it really be a government cloning agency built within the confounds of the hood? Why?

This is where it gets deep.

As the movie continues, it turns out that experiments are being run on Black residents to see how they react in prime locations in the hood to test their reactions in different ways. The first example we saw was a popular fast food fried chicken restaurant. Everyone that consumed the chicken would laugh uncontrollably and be hooked to the flavor. Turns out the batter in the chicken was made with the same white substance that had Slick Charles tweaking in the lab. What comes next after the chicken spot is the barbershop and hair salon. The products used in the shampoos, conditioners, and perms were literally putting the clients to sleep. Metaphor or not? The corner store was also used as a testing point. The liquor and scratch off tickets were used to further sedate the minds of those who went there. Another location was the strip club. The DJ (who was a part of the operation) literally controlled the moods and behaviors of the room depending on what type of music he played. This caused everyone in attendance to come into a zombie-like state where they had no control of their motor skills or minds. Lastly, and probably the greatest point of all, the church. All churchgoers were hooked on that communion juice. People would “catch the holy spirit” and be overcome with emotion although the pastor was not saying anything worth swooning over.

So we have the chicken spot, beauty shop, corner store, strip club, and church. All key locations found within the hood. What is the point of this? What message is this movie sending? I think the loudest message behind this entire movie was that we see the government supplying the Black community leaders with the ammunition to keep their “flock” willingly docile and submissive to anything that comes their way. Furthermore, we see how the government plays an active role in keeping the Black community perpetuating caricatures that are destructive such as gang bangers, pimps and hoes, and drunks. Throughout the entire movie, the presence of Black fatherhood was nowhere in sight and Black mothers fulfilled their role of being disengaged, uninterested, and uninvested in their children’s lives. This is evident in the fact that every time Fontaine would knock on his mother’s door to offer her a sandwich, she would never come out of the room and respond by saying something to the effect that she didn’t need any food. At a climatic part of the movie, Fontaine comes to a breaking point where he really just needs to feel nurtured and consoled by his mother only to find out that he was talking to an auto-responsive tape recorder in an empty room the whole time.

Eventually at the end of the movie, everything is exposed and the hood comes together to fight against their common enemy: the United States government. But it is also revealed that this activity is happening in hoods all across the country. What this is showing is that the scheme to keep the Black community degenerate and unable to escape the trap is deeper than we thought.

All of these hot spots exist to serve as an “escape” from the traumas of the hood while keeping them caged inside of the construct unable to actually escape. Meanwhile, the attempted / temporary mental escape mechanisms keep the mind, body, and spirit trapped inside the trap. It wasn’t until they were able to free themselves of the conditions and constructs that were keeping them asleep that they were able to rise above and fight against the oppression.

So would something like this really be far-fetched? It’s more than just a movie about a neighborhood conspiracy that the government is cloning individuals to continue the cycle of the matrix, destruction of the Black community, and continued growth of white supremacy. History and facts show that alcohol, drugs, whoredom, vanity, and religion are heavy contributors to the Black community’s destructive state. Is “cloning” just a code word for NPCs or bots that keep the toxic cycle going? Does the government seek to keep the Black community degenerate? It’s deeper than just the government. These are spiritual attacks on God’s people.

I’ve already done a deep dive into soul food cuisine and how that’s aided in the destruction of Shemetic people. I’ve also already addressed harmful beauty standards and the role those play in the destruction of Black women. This movie just takes it a step forward showing how our participation in a society that was not built for our success negatively affects us and keeps us contributing to a toxic system. (I will be delving deeper into that subject at a later time). The conclusion of the matter is that unity amongst our brothers and sisters cannot be stressed enough. Until we put our differences aside and unify against the common enemy, we will continue to be stuck in the trap and run the risk of being cloned to keep the system alive.

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