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The Story of Carlee Russell: Mental Break or Money Grab?

If you've been paying attention to the news (or even if you haven't), you may have seen the story of Carlee Russell, the 25 year old Black nursing student from Birmingham, AL that went missing July 13.

Social media banned together to share the story in hopes of her safe return. Most women of color who go missing are not found or prioritized above other women who go missing.

Thankfully, 2 days later, Carlee Russell returned home safely, but authorities found a hard time corroborating the details of her mysterious disappearance.

After a week of investigations, web search reports, and traffic cam footage, it Carlee came forward admitting that the entire kidnapping story was a hoax.

Why did she do this? Is there something deeper to this story?

On The Dejyah Network, we'll find out if this was a mental break for the nursing student or a quick money grab.

Watch the episode live.

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