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The ELephant in the Room

We live in a world where the real crimes go unpunished. Pedophiles and predators have more freedoms than my brothers and sisters who are wrongfully convicted and incarcerated. Well-paid thieves and robbers are given access to the world while simultaneously crashing the economy for their own benefit. Where does that leave those whose rights are swept under the symbolic rug of liberty and freedom?

As the Ghislaine Maxwell trial continues to progress, I was left with the question, “what about everybody else?” the flight log and those named as co defendants in the trial tell a chilling story of how wealth, power, and influence will protect you more than sovereignty in this realm.

Another question that was raised has to do with media coverage surrounding this case. Kyle Rittenhouse, someone we already knew was not going to be served justice, received more coverage in his sham of a trial than the billionaire sex traffickers would ever receive. And why is that? How can a white supremacist in 2021 receive more mainstream attention than something as scandalous as decades long sex trafficking rings involving America’s favorite celebrities, socialites, and corporations? I can tell you how. The media companies publicizing the information are the same companies who are co conspirators to the debauchery at hand.


So where do we go from here? Do these influencers continue to grasp your attention, your money, your energy? Or do we as the ones with the true power step back and stand tall and fight against the monstrosities that are overcoming this world?

I’m glad that the trial is exposing what has been hidden for so long. But what has been taken from the victims cannot ever be replaced regardless of the outcome of this trial. Luckily supreme justice is in the hands of The Most High. It is unsettling to know that in this realm, crimes such as these could go unpunished for many years resulting in the physical and mental trauma of many young victims and their families. I praise YAH for the judgement that is soon to come and curse everyone who defiles the order of The Most High. Too much wickedness has transpired for far too long in this realm; and YAH will recompense.

In Peace and Love.

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