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The Cruel Irony of Modern Day Slavery

It’s no surprise that slavery never really ended. What’s more shocking (but not really) is that the form of slavery we were accustomed to learning about in school still exists in various places in the US today.

This brings a cruel irony to the phrase, “modern day slavery”.

Last month at least two dozen people were indicted on modern day slavery charges in Georgia. Over 100 immigrant workers were forced to pick onions by hand for 20 cents a bucket. These workers were from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala, and other Central American countries.

The report states that they were kidnapped, forced to work at gunpoint, raped, sold to other farms, and some even died. The defendants benefited from this slave labor and even earned more than $200 million. They spent their funds on lavish cars, houses, and gambling activities.

How is this any different from the affliction that we faced as a people in this country over the last 400 years? How is this different from the affliction that we are currently facing?

Our Hispanic brothers and sisters face this same treachery; yet many of us don’t even acknowledge them as being a part of our tribes. No one can ignore the startling similarities in our history. And who are we to reject members of YAH’s set apart nation?

They were sold the lie of the American dream which really has been the worst nightmare for all of us. They were exploited just for their yearning to reside in a land of opportunity.

Our land of opportunity was never America. Our land of freedom was never in the United States. Instead, this was our land of punishment. Our land of captivity. Our land of affliction. Our land of bondage. A cage that spread from the Atlantic to the Pacific. So much for a land of promise.

Praise YAH that these human traffickers were exposed and will be held accountable for the enslavement of YAH’s people. Soon and very soon all of these nations will face YAH’s wrath for the oppression they have caused.

Let’s continue to uplift our brothers and sisters all over the world as we gather and cry out to our Father for His redemption.

In Peace and Love.

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