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Stuck in the Past


Today I was told to move on from the past. To stop being bitter. To stop holding grudges for the injustices my people fell victim to. How can I move on from something I am still affected by? How can we forget what was done to our ancestors? Who could forget being sold, beat, raped, kidnapped, brainwashed, among other monstrosities. Even asking someone to forget all of those things proves the point of where we are as a society in regards to this topic.

Everyone expects us to not hold anger towards our oppressors, but how can we not when our oppressors are the reason we have not seen any progress towards eradicating this issue.


But see, there’s so many levels to this issue. They see a black woman holding onto the past and blaming others for her hardship. I see savages who take advantage of the violence done to my people. Maybe I could move past this if the captors wouldn’t still be benefitting from the oppression. Maybe what you see isn’t bitterness, it’s post traumatic stress disorder.

What’s even deeper about this is they wouldn’t have the jurisdiction to oppress had it not been for our disobedience to The Most High. We can be quick to play the blame game, but we are the ones responsible for our captivity. YAH will judge these nations for enslaving His people, but we cannot forget how we ended up in this predicament either.

Before picking a fight with the opposition, remember why we were even placed in the ring.

In Peace and Love

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