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don’t love the black mirror more than you love the real mirror.

i tried to say before this was a storybook. but it’s becoming even clearer now.

they put in the screen the life they want us to live.

the enemy is always searching for a way to stay one step ahead.

if you allow him.

YAH showed us what He requires. but we decided to do our own thing. being disobedient to The Most High. and getting stuck in the black mirror.

unrighteousness, wickedness, murder, violence, whoredom, idolatry, paganism, witchcraft, sorcery, lying, cheating, sodomy, adultery, and stealing should not be the image we feed into.

don’t you know that’s the cause of all your sorrow.

feed into the One who has control of it all. He’s ashamed that we chose this over Him. He’s never abandoned us once, yet we chose this outcome.

do not be in the ones who are so plugged into the wicked system and aren’t even aware of their Creator’s return back to righteousness.

the disclosure has been made.

He’ll either hit delete or save.

which player are you in the game?

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