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I've been transformed! Why my platforms must reflect the change in my life

I couldn't believe that I actually was holding onto a piece of the world. It was so easy to fixate on what was happening, the latest news, the most shocking story, or the craziest circumstance. But that was leading me to feelings of hopelessness, anxiety, and worry. It wasn't until my husband suggested to me I focus on matters of the earth instead. And now, I am excited and proud to share Learning as She Grows, a channel dedicated to documenting my new journey as a wife, mother, and homemaker in addition to sharing my experiences in community and nation building.

I want people to come to my platform and receive encouragement. I want them to see light, life, and love displayed. How can that be done if I'm dwelling in the darkness.

On this platform, my goal is to submit to The Most High's will and curate a home that my family can thrive in which in turn will overflow into my community and nation.

Join me on this journey and let's learn something new together.

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