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Do I Trust Them More Than I Should?

Lottery entry. Free tuition. Paid time off. Free flights for a year. Pre-rolls. Krispy Kreme doughnuts. Free beer. Free sporting event tickets. Free dessert. Free Uber rides. And the list goes on.

Not sure how the masses feel about this – – actually, I do know how the masses feel about this. The masses are accepting of all of the freebies and discounts they can enjoy if they just do one little thing, which is to take the mar…. the shot. I am curious to know, what incentives were offered for the tuberculosis shot, measles, chicken pox, or flu shot? Especially since covid is just another form of the flu, the same flu that nobody got this whole year. I wonder what happened to those incentives and rewards?

If the flu and covid are pretty much weighted on the same scale (which is what everyone claims is the case), what is all of the propaganda surrounding this one? And why was there ever a mask mandate? Did we wear masks during flu season? Who was offered free tuition and a lottery ticket for taking the flu shot? Let that simmer.

I wonder if the US government had the inside scoop on the fact that covid was indeed manufactured in a Wuhan lab and kept under wraps until it infiltrated the entire country. I’d want to offer the masses an incentive for the shot too if I had this knowledge. But I do find it interesting that the Wuhan lab conspiracy was all jokes until US officials started commenting on the reality of the rumor. Now that theory is holding a little more weight than just a year ago.

So tell me this; what came first, the chicken or the egg?

Oh, and before I depart, can facebook stop with the covid ads and propaganda. I do not need a ‘I’ve been vaccinated” frame around my profile picture. Thanks though.

In Peace and Love.

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