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Artificial Wombanhood

These twenties have definitely been roaring, am I right?

From undersea volcanoes, tsunamis, tornados, blizzards, sex scandals, and threats of mass war and casualty across our planet, how much more could we take? We’re three years in and seems as if the chaos is just getting started.

As we know, HaSatan and his minions are busy at work as YAH’s judgment comes closer and closer. But now it seems as if the creation wants nothing to do with the Creator and actually believes that it can do a better job than the One who laid the foundations of the earth.

Crypto billionaires think that our future is leading us into embryonic chambers that will replicate a mother’s womb. There’s no need for a woman because an artificial womb can be created and can do the same if not a better job than the vessel that was designed to carry and bring life into this realm.

The visionaries behind this synthetic womb claim that this will be the answer to the pregnancy woes and concerns. A synthetic womb will eradicate the worries of naturally carrying a child. There will no longer be a need for surrogates. Women no longer have to naturally deliver their children. They will get to monitor their fetuses’ growth in a pod from the comfort of their home. They've solved the problem of delivering children on Mars or wherever else they think they want to be once YAH's wrath is poured out onto this earth.

But one question burns into my mind when I think about this “technological advancement”. How will the mothers produce the nutrients needed to sustain their newborns once they are delivered? What connection will these children have with their parents? Why are billionaires trying to automate YAH’s greatest miracles?

It’s troubling that money can buy you the status you need to make decisions of this magnitude. Since when did your socioeconomic status determine your level of involvement in healthcare and medicine? Since when did the number in your bank account validate the need to be involved with matters that are above us?

YAH doesn’t and never did need our help with His creation. All He needed was the promise to uphold His laws, statutes, and commandments while being a righteous example for others. Let these heathens birth their offspring in pods. YAH’s children will be waking up to a new earth with a new heart and new spirit.

In Peace and Love.

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